Gigi Gelato

Pure fruits and veggies in every bite
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Italian gelato made from fruit & veggies

Gigi is made simply from pure fruits and veggies. While our creamy Gigi’s are light and refreshing, 100% vegan and low-cal, we only use the best natural ingredients. Each scoop is packed full of mouth-watering goodness. Get ready to dig in!
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100% vegan

No milk. No cream. No eggs. Our Gigi’s are 100% plant based, yet they are the ultimate creamy deliciousness.

spoonable ice cream

Easy to scoop

No need to wait; Gigi’s are immediately scoopable right from the freezer! Say hi to your new frozen treat.

Low in calories

Why would you sacrifice tasty gelato for your body goals? Exactly, you don't have to! Gigi is low in calories and fat.

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Gigi’s secret? We developed a technology that substitutes cream with plant-based fibres. Gigi gelato is creamy without the cream and high in fibre!

natural ice cream

100% natural

Never made with artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners. Gigi is filled only with natural and high quality ingredients.

Pure fruits and veggies

Pure fruits & veggies

Gigi’s are made from real fruits and veggies. We never use heat, so it taste fresh and nutrients are preserved.

Meet our gelato

Taste pure fruits and veggies in every bite.

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Get inspired

It’s not just a healthy alternative to ice cream. You can use Gigi for your smoothie, breakfast bowls, cheesecakes and many more recipes. Find inspiration & the latest scoops on our blog & Instagram.

Why people love it

"Confession: I had some Gigi ice cream for breakfast, and it was amazing!"


“Didn’t know what to expect, but gelato with vegetables is surprisingly delicious.”


"After trying Gigi I know the difference between ice cream and gelato".


“Finally found vegan gelato that actually taste creamy and delicious! Thanks Gigi!”